Family reunion

I have spent the past week in Sweden meeting up with parts of my family. 

The first picture is of my son Tom and his daughter Stella, his son Jack was so exited to finally meet his grandma that he had full time showing me things, he was harder to catch with the camera so I had to make a video instead. They are both very sweet children, and Jack is 2,5 years old but he was talking so good and at times his comments were priceless. He knows car models,  and asked me what car I have and needless to say I drive a Volvo. 

I also visited with my sister Jessica and her family. On Monday we went to he riding house where Wilma, the oldest daughter had a riding lesson 

And here are some pictures from Gothenburg and Stockholm 

Once I get home exiting things awaits me and I am going to haven a very busy fall in fact the coming year is going to be busy with mountaineering training, map reading and navigating with a great deal of first aid too. Exiting times indeed and meaningful too of course. 

Take care and be good


Christmas is slowly approaching…

…we’ll fall is here for real and the air has slightly changed to be a bit cooler and fresh, but I like this time of the year and this is usually the time when I get into my Christmas mojo, to himself’s dismay lol. 

Here is my first illustration relating to Christmas this year, it took quite some hours to complete but I am happy with the outcome. 

This is a time to spend more time indoors with a fire burning in the fireplace, relaxing and just be. 

But, I still enjoy getting out and about either doing hill walking, running and cycling. Now it’s time to wrap up well and stay warm and safe. 

Yesterday was a day filled with hill walking, went to west Wicklow and a place called Blessington. A beautiful place surrounding the lakes. We were climbing up a steep hill, some 600 m above sea level. It was a lungbuster even for me being fit and all, but to get up there and looking at the views made it so with it. 

I might be a bit busy being out hill walking, training and such but will post updates as I go along. And might stick in some art in between as well. Life is full of good things you just have to take a moment and stop to smell the roses as they say. 

Be good, be safe and take care of yourselves!