Christmas is slowly approaching…

…we’ll fall is here for real and the air has slightly changed to be a bit cooler and fresh, but I like this time of the year and this is usually the time when I get into my Christmas mojo, to himself’s dismay lol. 

Here is my first illustration relating to Christmas this year, it took quite some hours to complete but I am happy with the outcome. 

This is a time to spend more time indoors with a fire burning in the fireplace, relaxing and just be. 

But, I still enjoy getting out and about either doing hill walking, running and cycling. Now it’s time to wrap up well and stay warm and safe. 

Yesterday was a day filled with hill walking, went to west Wicklow and a place called Blessington. A beautiful place surrounding the lakes. We were climbing up a steep hill, some 600 m above sea level. It was a lungbuster even for me being fit and all, but to get up there and looking at the views made it so with it. 

I might be a bit busy being out hill walking, training and such but will post updates as I go along. And might stick in some art in between as well. Life is full of good things you just have to take a moment and stop to smell the roses as they say. 

Be good, be safe and take care of yourselves!


7 thoughts on “Christmas is slowly approaching…

  1. I always love seeing your new art, and this is really cool. I may try doing something like it in picmonkey since I can draw a line. my lungs were feeling busted just listening to what you were doing. healthy walking in all that beauty, nothing could be better.

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