Family reunion

I have spent the past week in Sweden meeting up with parts of my family. 

The first picture is of my son Tom and his daughter Stella, his son Jack was so exited to finally meet his grandma that he had full time showing me things, he was harder to catch with the camera so I had to make a video instead. They are both very sweet children, and Jack is 2,5 years old but he was talking so good and at times his comments were priceless. He knows car models,  and asked me what car I have and needless to say I drive a Volvo. 

I also visited with my sister Jessica and her family. On Monday we went to he riding house where Wilma, the oldest daughter had a riding lesson 

And here are some pictures from Gothenburg and Stockholm 

Once I get home exiting things awaits me and I am going to haven a very busy fall in fact the coming year is going to be busy with mountaineering training, map reading and navigating with a great deal of first aid too. Exiting times indeed and meaningful too of course. 

Take care and be good


4 thoughts on “Family reunion

    1. Yes it was a great visit. And yes I am going to start my training with the mountain rescue team so it will be a little bit of everything really, navigation is the main thing as we should be able to find people etc.


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