Snowy on Fananieran ridge

Today it was time for our usual hillwalk and we were going to get up towards Fananieran ridge and then continue onto Croaghainmoira down in Southern Wicklow beside the Glenmalure valley which is one of the longest glaciated valleys in Wicklow. But as it turned out we were facing some slight problems that made us change our initial plans a little bit. 

It does not seem to be a problem here, right? But, the forecast were showing snow for today, and mainly on higher grounds. So before we stared out on our trek we decided to start our ascend at the south eastern side of Fananieran, and climb up to the “call” where we then could start our walk along the ridge, heading up towards the highest point. 

It does not look to be a steep climb, but for some it was. I stayed in the back being a backsweeper looking after the slower walkers in our group. Guiding people can occasionally prove to be a challenge, and today I had to keep a close eye one one of the walkers that was struggling a little and was staying close by. 

Once we reached the call an started our climb up towards the summit, the wind was roaring behind us. Luckily we had the wind in our backs and also the snow. I can tell you that walking in snow/blizzard is not very pleasant, the flurries feels like needles when hey hit your face. 

Therefore wearing the proper gear/clothing is essential. I had my full winter gear in today, because when I left my house I was thinking that’s the only thing that will work today. 

Was feeling a little like an Eskimo in this gear, but was warm and snug and the wind, snow and cold temps did not bother me that much. And I might be crazy but I love this, there is nothing that beat getting out in the mountains to connect with the wild nature. 

Once we reached the summit we decided to take a different route back down instead of continuing up towards the second summit that we had planned to reach. But sometimes you have to make a decision out of safety of the group you’re responsible for. And there’s no point putting yourself and the group in danger if you don’t have to. We will make a new try again when the weather has calmed down. 

And we made it safely back down to Glenmalure lodge which was our starting point. Another good day done, now on to the next, but first a week filled with training awaits. 

Updates to follow. Have a good week! 


6 thoughts on “Snowy on Fananieran ridge

  1. I must say you are an adventurous woman. The snow and the area you walked through looked rough and cold. I am happy you love the hiking experience. I am afraid this would not be my cup of tea. I like my hiking in warmer climates. I do love reading your posts and viewing the wonderful scenery in your country. So – keep on hiking Eva and stay safe.

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  2. Wow—you truly amaze me… I do love your snow/freezing weather gear. I’m sure that helps… I had to order some new winter coats for us this year since I couldn’t find anything really warm in the stores here… BUT–it’s been so warm her this winter that I’m not even sure we’ll wear them at all this winter… ha ha

    I love snow and wish we had some –even a little.


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  3. Dearest Eva,
    You were clever for shielding also your face as much as you could from the frozen snow.
    Yes it can be very hard on our sensitive skin; we’re not as rugged and weathered as humans once used to be or as some indigenous people still are.
    Oh, a larger group for sure will hand you some problem persons too that cannot handle all the different aspects of such a hike.
    But you managed and safely!
    Hugs and happy Valentine to you both.

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    1. Hi Mariette,
      It all went well in the end. Can’t address enough the importance of being prepared in terms of clothes and equipment, in the mountains the weather can change so fast. It can be nice and clear one minute, and the next you have a big cloud coming down and you loose the visibility.
      Happy Valentine to you and Pieter too.


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