Summer travels part II

So…we have arrived in Fredrikstad and this is a town where neither himself or I have been before. It’s a nice town by the sea, we have sort of based this trip on sea cities/towns. That is the whole idea with this journey. And to get the most out of these places July is really the best time to go. Everything will be open and the quays and streets will be buzzing of life. 

We were so lucky with the weather too, we only had one day that was a bit cloudy but the rest has been sunny and hot. Yes we do get hot summers in Scandinavia, well for us 20-25C is quite hot. But it is really a good place to be when the weather is good in the summer, to sit outside a restaurant and just watch the life go by, having a nice meal or just some cool drinks. 

On Wednesday morning we went for a walk along the quay and ended up at an older part of the town called Gamlebyen, it has old wooden buildings and houses, cobble stones on the streets, interesting restaurants and beer gardens. And the sun was beaming with its heat, but it was so nice just walking around here. 

The Norwegians are very nice and laid back people. In this town they had ferries taking you around the area and you could just hop on and off where you needed to go, and the service is free. Now that is great. 

It was like a bus but on the water. We used these several times during our two days in this town. 

On our last day visiting we came across a museum with model trains where they had built up huge villages and trains and buses where driving around, everything was controlled by a computer program, it was really cool. 

But every good thing has its end, it was time to drive north up to the capital of Norway, Oslo. I have visited this city before so here I knew my way around the streets. We had a little longer stay here to enjoy the city and have a good look at it. 

We arrived to a tremendous heat, the city was litterly boiling, but we got to a restaurant off Karl Johan’s Gate (the famous pedestrian street) to have a bite to eat and chill. Norway is a very expensive country, my goodness, but still love every time I visit. 

On Friday we visited the old fort in the middle of the city centre. We had a little wander around here to bask in some of its history, before we headed down to Akers Brygge that is located just beside the fort. 

When you travel to places you tend to find restaurants that you just like, and go back to several times. On Karl Johan’s Gate there is a cafe called Café Cathedral, and really enjoyed it there. Good food and staff. 

At our last day we went on a guided cruise along the Oslo fjord to take a good look at Oslo from the sea side and the surrounding islands and coast. 

During this cruise we saw some really nice things and areas. There was one light house that looks like a church, but it is actually a light house and it is still in operation. And also some small huts by the sea front and got to know that these are actually bath houses that belongs to the surrounding summer houses. Each owner has their own bath hut. It’s really cool. 

In the morning we will make a longer journey over to Stavanger which is more on the south west coast of Norway. 


4 thoughts on “Summer travels part II

  1. Dearest Eva,
    So happy for both of you to have had fabulous weather on this grand tour!
    Stunning photos because of that and i bet you got lots of material for your art… you must have been in heaven with all the boats and maritime objects.
    Wonderful history too with impressive buildings.
    Sending you hugs,

    Liked by 1 person

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