To Dad

I’m just writing a short post today

Today I’m honouring my Dad on his 20th Anniversary!

I have him to thank for what I am doing today – loving the outdoors!

He taught me a lot of things relating to the outdoors. He was also

a man of simplicity, a trait that I picked up early in life! I belive in keeping

things simple, why complicate things?

Thank you Dad, you were the best!!


6 thoughts on “To Dad

  1. Oh how special —and special for me also, Eva… Today would have been my Daddy’s 128th birthday…. He was born in 1889 and died in 1969…. Daddy was 53 years old when I was born –so it was almost as if I was raised by my grandparents…. BUT–they were SO special to me…. Happy Birthday, Daddy.

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  2. Dearest Eva,
    And that is exactly the reason that your Dad lives on; in you and forever. He will be smiling down from heaven when reading this homage to him…
    It is exactly the same with what I’ve learned from both of my Parents; love of nature and getting on your bike or walk. We just completed a bike ride of almost 30 km alongside the river. Stunning nature, we enjoyed it so much. Proud of my eighty-eight year old husband who managed to pull this off!

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