Waiting at an airport

We have all been waiting at an airport at some stage in our lives. At the moment I am stuck at Zürich airport in Switzerland, and what do you do when you’re stuck at an airport?

What do you do?

Intend to go browsing the duty free shops, but do we really make any bargains I wonder. Or are we just fooled by the marketing, making us believe it is a lot cheaper. It seems to be more aimed.at the ”richer” part of the crowd travelling. Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries I have visited after Norway. Both are nice countries but to me, being from Scandinavia Norway always win of all countries I’ve visited.

Which country is your favourite?

I’m sitting here at one of the restaurants in a comfy chair and doing some people watching, I find that very interesting. You see all sorts really, and everyone is going somewhere. You see some that run around like headless chicken, having that panicky look in their eyes, dragging their clan around with all the bags, criss crossing across the place.

Then you have those that just take it easy, taking their time, giving way to people, and thinking ah well there’s no point in stressing. I fall into that category, I tend to five way to people a lot, letting them run by me, and I just take my time. As I am mostly giving myself enough time when travelling so that I don’t have to run around or stress.

Once I’m seated in the plane I often just nod off and relax, in await for the end destination.

I.like the German part of Switzerland because I can understand what they’re saying, I don’t speak a word French yet, but at some stage I might need to as I will be travelling back and forth.

Today I am flying back home, and that is always a nice feeling. It’s Saturday and know I will have one more day to chill.

I like travelling but it is always nice to get back home to your usual routines.

Ah the feeling of bliss once you are back home!

Here is a picture I took one evening, the lake in Neuchatêl is gorgeous and across you’ll have a view over the alps, you can see Eiger, Mont Blanc to mention a few. Lovely place with lovely views.


2 thoughts on “Waiting at an airport

  1. Sandra Hangey

    I have never been in any country but my own, and only once 50 years ago in an airport. I am not fond of traveling, and am a homebody. but I do love visiting all over the world via photos of travelers that love it.. also seeing other countries on TV and in movies.

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