Lazy Sunday…

It has been an eventful summer this year, with lots of places explored, I am fortunate to live in a beautiful area of Ireland ‘the Sunny South East’ as they say. We have had exceptionally good weather this year, which also means more time spent in the outdoors. I have even been swimming in the Irish sea, that’s a first, have discovered a lovely long stretched beach in the south east area.

Here are a few pictures from my outdoor adventures, most of them around Wicklow Mountains as you would imagine. It has yet again been a busy year for us in the MR business, but wouldn’t like to be without it. It is extremely rewarding and gives a sense of purpose, being able to do the things you love – to be out in the outdoors and help others at the same time.

I actually did something new that I haven’t done before, I partook in a 5K race and that was really nice. We were come 1500 signed up, and there was a great buzz, and all was for a good cause. I will definitely do it again next year. And after the race I ventured down to Youghal, a place I use to live before moving to Dublin & Wicklow. It was a lovely day for it. It’s nice to make a day out every now and again, I don’t mind driving on my own, and go places. I know my way around Ireland quite well at this stage after 12 years living here.

And now the Autumn is here and with that we have the shorter evenings, where the darkness falls early. This means more time spent indoors, I have lots of things to fill my evenings, doing a course at the moment in Criminal Justice & Criminology which is extremely interesting.


Between the studies and various MR trainings/rescues I enjoy getting out on my own in the outdoors. Here is a picture from one of my favourite walks, around the upper lake in Glendalough. It’s a good 3-4 hours walk if you take it in an easy pace. I went out on a Wednesday morning, it’s the best time to get out, before it get too busy. This area is the most popular area in Wicklow, with lots of tourists visiting every day in the summer time in particular. And, also locals comes here of course. But we locals, know what time is best to head out to avoid all the crowds, I prefer early mornings. This picture was taken from the view point up on the Spinc, its a fantastic walk and I enjoy taking it walking the road up to the miners village, walking up the zig-zags and then turning left over the bridge and start my climb up to the spinc, walk along the ridge to end up going down all the steps and end up back down at the Glendalough visitor center. By the time I came down it was around 11AM and it started to get really busy.


This picture is from another walk I did this summer, it’s located not that far from Glandalough, and it’s a shorter walk around 10km, nice if you want to get out of the house to get some fresh mountain air. Here I was walking up towards Brockagh East summit, a walk I have done so many times now I know every rock. These hills are filled with sheep walking around as well, but they seem to be use to people walking by so they don’t really give you that much attention.


I am not afraid venturing out on my own, once you bring your basic gear such as map, compass, waterproof jacket and trousers, food/snacks, water and wearing a good pair of hiking boots. Then you’re safe. I tend to carry more than a normal hiker would, but I could not get out without being prepared for any eventualities, and I love every second that I spend out there. It always gives me a sense of freedom being out in the nature, it’s quiet, no cars, and all you can hear is an odd raven, and sheep going bah-bah, that’s about it really. and I just love that!


This picture was taken from CroaghPatrick, a mountain in Westport, co. Mayo. We were out early and saw the sun rising, giving beautiful colours to the surroundings. This was in late July, but the colours looks a bit autumny, don’t they? Views like this beats anything else really.


Beautiful sunrise at Croaghpatrick, Mayo.

I’m having a lazy Sunday looking back at this summer’s adventures. I have been travelling quite a bit this year, both for work and leisure. The next trip on the agenda is Neuchatel, Switzerland in December, that’s where our head office is located so will go back for our annual Christmas Party and catching up with colleagues. I’ve spent 1,5 month there so far this year, and will go back every now and again. While being over there I have views of the Swiss Alps, the likes of Eiger and Mont Blanc towering in the distance, some 3 hours away. But the sight of them is just amazing.


This is from across the lake from the B&B I usually stay at, beautiful isn’t it?

Enjoy your Sunday!




6 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday…

  1. Sandra Hangey

    you have really been busy this year. your photos are so beautiful, my favorite is the view from the spinc shot… no idea why, they are all gorgeous but that one I love. I am so happy for you that you are able to do all of this and enjoy your life with friends and family and hubby

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  2. Hi There, Had a hard time finding where/how to comment… I always enjoy your blog posts –and love seeing your part of our beautiful world….

    Sounds like your life is going GREAT….


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  3. Dearest Eva,
    You have been very active in outdoor activities and how lovely to be amidst sheep, in nature! We both enjoyed our Rocky Mountaineer ride through the Rocky Mountains in Canada, all the way from Vancouver to Banff. Pristine nature and far from the hustle and bustle of life is so calming and soothing. Clean air to breath.
    We have biked a lot this summer and now for a couple of weeks we’re out due to a wedding (trip of 3 days) and the remodeling of our bathroom. Once that is done and the house cleaned of all the dust caused by it, we can start out again.
    Sending you hugs and good luck with your study and upcoming trip to Switzerland.

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