A Swede living in Ireland loving anything artsy and outdoorsy!

Why do I create art?  I have always been drawing, but not until around 2011 or so I started to do art in a wider scale. I love create things in the old fashioned way, and enjoy working with details. It all took shape when I started to draw and illustrate classic cars, and it was meant to be a tribute to my Dad. And from there I have simply continued. The classic cars does have a character that you don't find in the cars we see around us today. The details are fantastic and this is the reason that I am choosing to use watercolours for my illustrations. They work perfectly with detailing.

What inspires me to create art is a lot of things, you just have to look around you. And since I spend so much time outdoors wether it's out on the hills or by the sea, there's always something that catch your eyes. It can be a cool old car driving by or a nice sail boat out cruising at sea. Whenever I draw and paint a maritime picture, I want to create calmness and quietness. That is what the sea does to me, it is very soothing and relaxing. So I want my viewers to experience the same thing when they look at my art. And, with the cars there is an elegance that I want to create, to really show the beauty of these vintage/classic cars.

I am also an enthusiastic hill walker and I love anything outdoorsy. I take every opportunity I can to get out hill walking in the area of Wicklow Mountains and often in the company of my camera to snap some nature shots.

'A picture is a poem without words'



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